From finding a rep to responsive design, ETC’s website keeps improving

Date Posted: 4/1/2016

Responsive Design

We always work to respond to our customers - and now, our website does, too! ETC's web presence has recently undergone a number of upgrades, including a responsive-design overhaul that improves the site's display across all devices and browsers, better ways to find dealers and reps, and ongoing updates to site search functionality.

Gone are the days of squinting at your cell phone to see the latest product news. ETC's website now fully-responsive, adapting size and format to fit your screen or browser window. Now you can save your eyesight for your next show, and focus on stress-free browsing on any device, with handy drop-down menus to navigate through the tabs.

Find a Rep/Dealer redesign

In the past, ETC representatives and dealers were included in the same search function, creating confusion among visitors. The upgraded 'Find a Dealer' function, accessible via the link on the top of the desktop site, now returns only dealers and authorized service providers in its search results, and the results themselves have been better-tailored to fit the user's location. Looking for your local ETC representative? If you're browsing in a region with reps, you can find them in a new tab on the 'Contact Us' page.

Finally, as the first of several planned upgrades to the 'Site Search' function, we've greatly improved the ability to search for documents and pages by title. We are also hard at work on better search results based on criteria like version numbers, language and location. We'll be rolling out these improvements - and more - as they are ready, so be sure to come back and visit frequently.