ETC unveils Dogment3d Follow Spot

Date Posted: 3/31/2020

ETC unveils Dogment3d Follow Spot

ETC has long lived by the motto “have fun and make money.” The company’s latest innovation brings these words to life for lighting professionals by incorporating man’s best friend into their workflow. ETC makes its next mark in the world of lighting with the announcement of Dogment3d Follow Spot.

Follow Spot takes advantage of a dog’s obedience and agility, bringing light where you need it on your command. ETC has gone through rigorous testing, from French bulldogs to great danes, puppies to senior dogs, determining that Follow Spot is compatible with most canine companions.

“Once we saw the prototypes in action, we knew this idea had the legs to take it a step further,” says Lowell Olcott, ETC’s integrative technologies product manager. “To ensure that any Follow Spot follows its owner’s command, we needed a reliable control solution. That’s where Dogment3d came in.”

ETC’s Advanced Research Forum (ARF) paired the Augment3d programming environment with a brand-new innovation to make Follow Spot an Eos-driven solution. The Transponding and Receiving Environmental Awareness Tag, or T.R.E.A.T. uses advanced air-transmission technology to hone the focus of the Follow Spot. 

T.R.E.A.T. recalibrates the beloved ScentFourAromaEngine, introducing new scent profiles. Use the Eos Scent Picker to entice your Follow Spot, with options such as [Beef][Enter], PARfect Peanut Butter, and Buffalo Fader Wings.

“With new Follow Spot features constantly in the works, you can teach an old dog new tricks,” says Olcott. “Be on the lookout for upcoming DMX sniffing capabilities as well as a tethered mode.”

The Follow Spot harness is covered by ETC’s acclaimed LED fixture warranty: 35 dog years for the full fixture and 70 dog years for the LED array. Follow Spot will become available for purchase on April 32, 2020. Learn more about Dogment3d Follow Spot by watching the below video.