ETC to sponsor spring seminar in Rostov-on-Don

Date Posted: 2/27/2017

ColorSource family

ETC is bringing its lighting and stage-machinery technology to southern Russia for a seminar held in cooperation with ETC’s official dealer Doka Center and Doka Center’s partner YPI. The ‘Modern Theater Lighting’ seminar will take place in the Chamber Hall of the Rostov State Music Theater on March 14th, 2017, from 9:00am to 7:10pm. Those interested in lighting and stage machinery are invited to attend the event, where ETC, Doka Center and YPI staff will give presentations and demonstrations in Russian of the latest ETC products, and discuss important topics related to the industry.

Eos Ti control desk

Attendees will go home from the seminar with a wealth of new knowledge. During the seminar, ETC will present the Source Four LED Series 2 system, Source Four Mini LED, ColorSource family, Eos and ColorSource lighting-control systems, networking products, Sensor3 power controls, Unison Paradigm and Unison Echo architectural-control systems, and stage machinery systems. There will also be a demo hall set up where visitors can see the products up close. “Attendees will have the opportunity to get familiar with our equipment, and to see how the products can fit any installation or application,” says ETC Eastern European Sales Manager Armin Kloss. “Our team will be there to answer any questions they have.”

Source Four Mini LED

The seminar will feature thought-provoking sessions, such as a discussion about the debate between tungsten and LED fixtures. Another session will explain how it’s possible to achieve high-quality lighting without spending a lot of money. Attendees will learn about the past, present and future of networking technology and lighting protocols. They will also discover how to apply ETC equipment to venues with limited space, and how to upgrade an existing lighting system with LED fixtures.

ETC, Doka Center and YPI will talk about ETC installations throughout Russia and abroad. And registrants will get to see the equipment in action during a live ballet performance. “It’s a great way for attendees to experience a practical application of the technology they’ll learn about during the seminar,” explains Field Project Coordinator Florian Maier.

To get more information about the Modern Theater Lighting seminar and to register, contact +7 (863) 303-34-06 or