ETC to show event-lighting systems at the Winter Rental Conference in Samara

Date Posted: 1/11/2017

ColorSource consoles

ETC has recently introduced new products that simplify programming and add quality to any lighting design, without putting a strain on a budget. You’ll have the opportunity to see the new ETC products up close at the Winter International Rental Conference, January 26th through 29th, at the Sovremennik Cultural Center in Samara. ETC employees and certified console trainers will be on hand to give demonstrations and answer questions.

ColorSource family

At the Rental Conference, ETC will display its ColorSource lighting family, which was developed for those with limited budgets who want a complete, high-quality LED lighting system with plug-and-play setup. The newest additions to the ColorSource family are the portable ColorSource desks, which are available in two sizes with optional audiovisual capability, and provide hands-on control with the ability to run effects, mix LED colors, control moving lights and play back cues – all with the flick of a fader. The ColorSource Relay can wirelessly switch power and transmit DMX and RDM to hard-to-reach places. The easy-to-use, wall-mount ColorSource ThruPower cabinet is designed for future lighting needs by allowing users to switch the operation of any circuit between relay and dimming from a local interface. And the ColorSource Spot, ColorSource Linear and ColorSource PAR luminaires can create bright light with the broadest color gamut possible from a four-color LED, thanks to their unique RGB-Lime emitter mix.

Daylight HD and Tungsten HD

LED luminaires

With fixed-field and zoom lens tubes and a variety of adapters and attachments, the Source Four LED Series 2 luminaire can be transformed to fit the needs of any application and save space in a lighting inventory. Users can simply swap out the front end of the Source Four LED Series 2 luminaire to get the right tool for each job. The Source Four LED Fresnel adapter turns the luminaire into a smooth washlight with advanced optics, while the CYC adapter allows the Source Four LED to deliver smooth coverage for backdrops and cycloramas. Visitors to ETC’s stand at the Rental Conference will experience the Source Four LED Series 2 arrays, which are based on the x7 Color System, combining up to seven LED colors onto one fixture to create the broadest range of color or adjustable white light. The Tungsten HD and Daylight HD produce bright, tunable white light that looks great in person and on screen, and the ultra-flexible Lustr array shines with bold, saturated colors.

Mobile lighting control

Eos Motorized Fader Wings

Also at the Rental Conference, ETC will show its mobile control solutions for touring shows or lighting booths with little space. The incredibly small and portable ETCnomad and ETCnomad Puck controllers deliver the power and features of both Eos-family and Cobalt-familysoftware. Eos and Cobalt Programming Wings provide a dedicated facepanel in the same layout as Gio and Cobalt desks, with playback and fader controls, parameter encoders, and level and rate controls. Quick, hands-on control is possible with Cobalt Motorized Fader Wings, which come in two sizes and offer 20 motorized fader pairs and 20 backlit endless potentiometers or 10 fader pairs and 10 endless pots. The new Eos Motorized Fader Wings expand the capabilities of Eos-family consoles. Available with ten or twenty 60mm motorized faders, they pack 100 pages of playback control into a small, modular package.