ETC to debut new products at the LIGHTFAIR International tradeshow

Date Posted: 4/21/2015

Echo Room Controller

ETC is adding several new products to its Unison Echo™ family , giving users even more options for convenient architectural-lighting control. We'll unveil the new products - and give visitors a sneak peek of other new innovations - on stand 3269 at the LIGHTFAIR ® International show, May 5th through 7th, in New York. 

Echo TimeClock

With four or eight 20-amp relays and 0-10V control, the Echo Room Controller boosts a system's circuit quantity. It can support six stations and external power controllers, and optionally includes Astronomical and Real TimeClock functions. "The Echo Room Controller's Demand Response feature helps venues reduce their power consumption at times when energy usage is highest," explains ETC Architectural Market Manager Bryan Palmer. "The Controller accepts a contact input from a power company and imposes a configured maximum output per zone, limiting the amount of electricity used."

The Echo TimeClock also contributes to energy savings, because users can take advantage of time-of-day controls to trigger presets in Echo control systems and ETC Sensor® power-control systems . One TimeClock can be used to program and run timed events in 16 spaces, with optional override settings for holidays or other special events. "It's very user-friendly," describes ETC Architectural Product Manager Lowell Olcott. "It doesn't take special training to operate the controls or to record astronomical or real-time events."

A must-have for large installations, the Echo Relay Panel Feedthrough supports a choice of 120-, 230- and 277-volt power input, which enables switching and power control for up to 48 single- and double-pole relays, or up to twenty-four 480-volt double-pole relays. "The Echo Relay Panel Feedthrough is easy to install for retrofits or new-build projects, and delivers live status reporting, Ethernet connectivity, 0-10V dimming, and built-in sensor, station and TimeClock controls," says ETC Dimming Product Manager Jake Dunnum. 

Echo Relay Panel Feedthrough

LIGHTFAIR International attendees will get the opportunity to see demonstrations of these products, as well as ETC's other architectural systems and lighting fixtures.