ETC Site Survey app helps venues build LED retrofit proposals

Date Posted: 2/16/2017

ETC Site Survey app icon

How do you teach an old house new tricks? Retrofitting an older venue for the LED era can be daunting, but ETC’s latest app is here to help. The new ETC Site Survey app for iOS allows end users to capture information about their existing lighting installations and to generate project proposals and statistical reports for potential LED retrofits. Now venues have a way to explore the benefits of making the shift to LEDs – saving time, money and hassle in the years to come.

“The app was developed as a simple method to capture site specific information relating to a prospective LED retrofit project,” explains Bryan Palmer, ETC’s Architectural Market Manager. “We wanted to give an end-user the ability to directly establish a budget on a ‘rough order of magnitude’ basis.”

ETC Site Survey app screenshots

Although users will still need to contact an ETC dealer for a quote, the ETC Site Survey app provides the ability to set a materials budget and to identify the cost savings generated by switching to a LED system. Using the app, a customer can upload photos and the energy and maintenance requirements of a current installation. He or she can then generate a project proposal for a LED retrofit by selecting appropriate replacement luminaires and gear from the onboard library. The app will also generate a Return on Investment (ROI) report, indicating how soon the new system would pay for itself through maintenance and energy cost savings.

The ETC Site Survey app is available for free from the App Store, providing an easy first step toward a brighter, more sustainable future.