ETC set to light up 2017 Cine Gear Expo

Date Posted: 5/22/2017

Series 2 Daylight HD

ETC has big plans for this year’s Cine Gear Expo, June 2nd and 3rd, at the Studios at Paramount in Hollywood. Stand S135A will be full of lighting and rigging products to meet the needs of broadcast applications large and small, such as studios, on-location shoots, large soundstages and live productions.

Source Four LED Series 2 Daylight HD

Designed specifically for the broadcast market, the Source Four® LED Series 2 Daylight HD luminaire creates variable white light in the 2700 to 6500K range, with optimized performance in the cool end of the spectrum. Its increased lumen output achieves significant brightness in both white and colored light. It operates flicker-free, even when shot in many high-speed camera setups, and includes color-temperature and +/- green-adjustment capabilities to achieve the right look on camera. Daylight HD has tint control, so operators can balance the white point for cameras, while the light naturally illuminates individual skin tones. 

Daylight HD gives technicians incredible control over color quality, with preset color-temperature settings that can be transferred from fixture to fixture. It works quietly and dims smoothly, so it doesn’t disrupt the action on the set. It can be set up quickly, using DMX from a lighting console or DMX-free from its user interface. And with a wide range of lensing options, you can mold the light for a picture-perfect look. 

Gio @5

Gio @5

Professional-level lighting control is possible, even with a limited budget or limited space on set. The new Gio @5® lighting desk’s 25.5-inch footprint boasts an articulating, 17-inch, multi-touch LCD display; four encoders with haptic feedback; five definable, page-able motorized faders; a master fader pair; and a retractable tray with backlit alphanumeric keyboard. Its small size is perfect for moving set to set or taking on location, but Gio @5 doesn’t scrimp on programming features. It gives programmers hands-on access to playbacks, award-winning color controls, touchscreen Magic Sheets and more. 

Gio @5’s short-throw motorized faders allow for efficient busking and programming on the fly during shoots. For additional hands-on control, the Gio @5 desk can serve as the base of a system, with plug-and-play ETC Motorized Fader Wings added to create a customized, expanded work surface. 

S4 LED Fresnel

Source Four LED Fresnel

The Source Four LED system is a versatile solution for broadcast lighting. Instead of having to take a large inventory of fixtures to an on-location shoot, gaffers can simply attach any one of dozens of lens tubes, adapters or accessories to the front-end of a Source Four LED luminaire to transform it into the right tool for any broadcast-lighting task. A whole studio can be outfitted with the same technology, simplifying the entire setup and control of the lighting fixtures. 

One of the available adapters is the Source Four LED Fresnel, which uses advanced optics to turn ETC Source Four LED Series 1 and Series 2 luminaires into beautiful washlights. The Source Four LED Fresnel has the features of traditional Fresnels – like the ability to barn-door the light – but with exceptional color, high brightness and energy efficiency. It offers a zoom range of 15 to 50 degrees, and produces soft edges and smooth coverage, with light that blends evenly and uniformly from fixture to fixture. The Source Four LED Fresnel accepts 7.5-inch accessories, allowing operators to customize the look and shape of the light.

Because the Source Four LED light engines benefit from the extensive color-mixing research ETC has done, the Source Four LED Fresnel can output white light that can be adjusted to individual skin tones, or it can produce an expansive range of color not possible from other LED sources.

Irideon FPZ Protable 4K

Irideon FPZ Portable 4K

The Irideon® FPZ is a compact LED fixture that offers superior optics and advanced features in a sleek housing, perfect for applications that need small framing fixtures. The dimmable Portable 4K model comes with a color-matched, medium C-clamp for mounting on pipes. It has locking three-plane shutters, allows for DMX and local dimming control, and can be adjusted on site without a technician. It has built-in 25- to 50-degree zoom optics, a rotating barrel, an E-size gobo and pattern slot, and an integrated media holder for gels and diffusers. Producing more than 800 lumens of output, Irideon FPZ comes in 3,000K, 3,000K Gallery (90CRI), 4,000K and 5,000K versions.