ETC sends entire company to premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Spoiler free!

Date Posted: 12/21/2015

ETC Northeast employees at Star Wars

Continuing its tradition of celebrating sci-fi motion picture premieres, ETC closed down their global headquarters in Wisconsin last Friday and smuggled all 800 Wisconsin employees off to see the opening of Star Wars - The Force Awakens.

Nineteen school buses shuttled the company from Middleton and Mazomanie to fill 10 rented auditoriums at a local theater. An exhilarating buzz permeated the rumbling buses as employees, many adorned in Star Wars costumes, chattered about their hopes and expectations.

ETC employees arrive at theater

 "I've been waiting for this movie since before I was born," said Mike Tarman, a lifelong Star Wars enthusiast from ETC's Marketing department. "I've kept my expectations in check, but I'm feeling something I've not felt since…" Tarman, an aspiring filmmaker, helped create a Star Wars themed video to announce the company outing at ETC's holiday party a week prior. Since then the entire company has been buzzing.

R2-D2 built by Mike Masino

Upon arrival, attendees found free soda and popcorn awaiting them as well as a full-sized, remote-controlled R2-D2 replica, who was featured in the announcement video, courtesy of Mike Masino, brother of John Masino, ETC product graphics designer, who has been building the droid for a couple of years, including having some parts painted at ETC.

ETC Ltd employees at the movie

During the adventure to a galaxy far, far away, US technical phone support was graciously provided by ETC's London office, allowing the US staff to enjoy the film as well. Employees of ETC's offices in New York, Los Angeles, Orlando, London, Holzkirchen (Germany), Rome, Ede (the Netherlands), and Hong Kong attended the film at separate showings in their time zones.

Fred Foster with two Princess Leias

This is the third time ETC has closed for a movie premiere. First was to see Star Trek: The Motion Picture in 1979 when ETC counted a mere 5 employees. Then in 1999, Fred again sent 500+ employees to attend Star Wars: The Phantom Menace .

"We're a company of geeks!" exclaims Foster. "And we're thrilled to celebrate one of the most anticipated motion pictures releases in history."

You can view our Star Wars announcement video on ETC's YouTube channel at