ETC’s Mosaic controls make a splash with Waterworks International

Date Posted: 10/23/2018

Mosaic Waterworks

Waterworks International specializes in designing custom architectural fountains and Splashpad water-play systems for a wide variety of facilities. With installations ranging from amusement parks to daycare centers, the Waterworks team maintains that no project is too large or small for them to take on.

In addition to myriad water effects and above-ground features, Waterworks installations frequently incorporate lighting and music elements. When that happens, Andy Deichmann of Waterworks International turns to ETC’s Mosaic controls.

One recent project with Mosaic was the “Canine Cove” water park at Petropolis, a Missouri-based pet resort and boarding facility. The dog-friendly Splashpad features water effects on a smaller scale so dogs can comfortably play in the shallow pool. A Mosaic MSC1 controls the animation and lighting around the pad. 

Mosaic Waterworks

A major benefit of using Mosaic to control the lights in the Splashpad has been the flexibility in design. Deichmann says, “Petropolis staff wanted to include something festive around Christmas time. We were able to change the lighting on a water fountain tower to make it looks like a Christmas tree.”

The pet resort also modifies the lighting show to emulate a beach during its summer luau. These event-specific light shows are not an unusual request according to Deichmann, “We also created a safari-themed light show with Mosaic for a zoo that was opening a new elephant exhibit.”

Mosaic Waterworks

“The Mosaic programming software is very easy to use,” says Deichmann. “Teaching people how to use it is simple, and our clients are often able to customize their own shows. We can also email updates to them or remotely dial in to change light shows for them.”

Beyond the ease of use, Waterworks International prefers using Mosaic because of its durability. “We’ve used other controllers in the past, and they weren’t rugged enough for the environment. Some only lasted for a month or two,” says Deichmann. “Our controllers are located in areas with higher humidity and chlorine, so they need to be resilient. We’ve never had a Mosaic controller fail from the environment.”

Waterworks International has installed Mosaic controls in theme parks, water parks, cruise ships, zoos and more. Deichmann says “We’ve used Mosaic all over the world. Its high functionality makes it possible for us to go beyond our customers’ expectations.”