ETC’s lighting controls make waves at Ocean5

Date Posted: 9/20/2018

Photo © Dane Gregory Meyer

A multi-purpose facility with a focus on environmental responsibility, Ocean5 brings people together for events, business meetings, food, games, and much more. The Washington-based building features a 250-seat restaurant as well as 22 lanes for bowling. To control and monitor the lights in use, Ocean5 installed a combination of ETC’s Paradigm, Echo, and Mosaic controls.

When designing the facility, Ocean5’s top priorities were to create a community-driven space while having a positive impact on the environment. The building was built to LEED certification standards and uses a geothermal heating and cooling system to save energy. 

Lighting played a critical role in Ocean5’s sustainability-focused design. In addition to using LED lights, the building relies heavily on natural light. 

“Our choice in lighting controls serves our mission to improve the health of the environment,” says Aaron Shook, General Manager of Ocean5. “The system includes Echo daylight and occupancy sensors to ensure that we’re adjusting light levels to an appropriate level.”

Spaces with public access primarily use Paradigm, which is controlled through Inspire stations, Touchscreen stations, and integration with third party tablets.

Photo © Dane Gregory Meyer

The bowling alley required a unique approach to lighting control. In addition to LEDs that are lighting mesh paneling behind each lane, the bowling alley has DMX-controlled fixtures within the pin setters. ETC’s Mosaic system runs shows on these lights, triggered by inputs on the Paradigm Touchscreens. 

“The system is very user-friendly, and the complex Mosaic shows can be easily triggered by the end user through the Paradigm system’s integration with touchscreens,” says Eden Van Ballegooijen, Director of Controls at Pacific Lighting Systems. “The seamless synergy between Mosaic and Paradigm for the application made the system much more functional for the Ocean5 staff.”

Over the course of the five-year project, the installation team developed multiple solutions to meet Ocean5’s needs while creating a cohesive flow across Paradigm, Echo and Mosaic controls. Now that the project is complete, Van Ballegooijen says that everybody involved is happy with the system’s capabilities.   

“We like having control from central locations,” says Shook. “Rather than chasing lights around the building, we can do it all from one location. Both ETC’s solutions and the techs on the project helped us get a lighting system that met the specific needs of our one-of-a-kind facility.”

Photos © Dane Gregory Meyer