ETC reveals ColorSource Raceway

Date Posted: 1/10/2019

ColorSource Raceway

LEDs and other modern fixtures draw less power and require fewer circuits – but need more control. ETC’s new ColorSource Raceway is a purpose-built, configurable distribution raceway solution that delivers the power and control LED rigs need in a lightweight, economical package. It is perfect for over-stage electrics and installed lighting positions in school theatres, houses of worship, cafegymnatoriums, and other smaller, budget-conscious venues.

The ColorSource Raceway lets users build exactly the distribution strip they want. The all-aluminum raceway consists of 1-foot (.3 m) sections up to a maximum of 74 feet (23 m) in length. It can house up to six 20A circuits for performance lighting. Each section contains two slots for flush power outlets or data connectors. The outlets can be Stage Pin, Edison, duplex Edison, powerCON TRUE1, or Twist-Lock, and each outlet can be wired to any of the six supported circuits. 

ColorSource Raceway is compatible with standard schedule 40 pipe, but is also available with an optional reinforced aluminum batten by ETC. The Raceway and aluminum ETC batten combined weigh only 4 pounds per foot—making them ideal partners for Prodigy FlyPipe and P2 hoists. 

Each Raceway comes with a DMX or network input. Users can specify up to 24 DMX Active Pass-Thru ports on each Raceway to control up to 32 DMX/RDM devices. Each port offers auto-terminating DMX pass-through the length of the strip, and actively splits the DMX run at each connector. 

ColorSource Raceway provides the ideal combination of power and control for modern lighting systems, delivered just the way you want it.