ETC releases Unison Foundry family of distributed power control products

Date Posted: 1/16/2018

Unison Foundry Family

ETC is pleased to introduce a new member of the Unison family: Unison Foundry™. Foundry power products are a line of DMX-controlled, distributed power control products that includes Mini Panels, Relay Controllers, 0-10V Controllers, and Phase-adaptive Dimmers. Foundry products are the perfect partners for Unison Paradigm®, Mosaic® and Echo Control Systems that utilized DMX. These combinations help users create complete lighting and plug-load control packages that provide energy saving features and meet stringent energy codes.

The Foundry Mini Panel is a discrete feed panel available in two versions: four or eight circuits. Each Mini Panel can be wired with a discrete power input for each circuit, or a single input may be shared across multiple circuits. With support for both 120V and 277V circuits simultaneously, as well as normal and emergency circuits, Foundry Mini Panels offer unmatched flexibility. Fully isolated 0-10V dimming is also standard for each output, meaning Foundry Mini Panels offer outstanding versatility in a compact, robust package.

Foundry Relay Controllers, 0-10V Controllers, and Phase-adaptive Dimmers allow you to place power control exactly where you need it. They are simple to install using a ½-inch conduit knockout and are plenum rated for installation almost anywhere. Foundry Relay Controllers are fully rated for 20 amps making them ideal for both lighting and plug-load applications. The 0-10V Controllers are fully isolated, providing the best compatibility, even when used with non-isolated 0-10V drivers. The Foundry Phase-Adaptive Dimmers provide smooth reverse- or forward-phase dimming at 120V or 277V for lighting loads up to 600 Watts.

With Unison Foundry you can build a power infrastructure with the flexibility and features you need to meet the demands of state-of-the-art lighting control systems, now and in the future.

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