ETC presents latest technology in Tokyo

Date Posted: 8/6/2019

ETC Presents Latest Technology in Tokyo

Japanese lighting designers, programmers, and industry practitioners got together to discover the latest technologies from ETC and High End Systems. The event was jointly organized by local dealers, Ken Production Service and Ushio Lighting. Various products were showcased, including ETC’s Eos control consoles and Source Four LED Series 2 luminaires, and from High End Systems, Hog 4 consoles and Sola family LED automated lighting. Participants were able to touch and feel the products and learn how they bring different possibilities to lighting design.

ETC Presents Latest Technology in Tokyo

David Lincecum, Vice President of Marketing, shared the future roadmap of ETC and High End Systems. “Building high quality LED engines will continue to be a key focus for ETC. Additionally, 3D visual engine development in Eos consoles is another key focus.” Says Lincecum.

A video of Augment3d, an interactive software programming tool for Eos controls demonstrated how AR (augmented reality) technology is used in Augment3d to gain awareness of the physical space in to enable lighting designers and programmers to speed up their processes.

ETC Presents Latest Technology in Tokyo

Lincecum also revealed several new products from High End Systems. The TurboRay effects light provides bold, bright, color mixing and a variety of effects with a classic retro look. It can be used as a punchy, narrow-angle wash light or as a powerful hard edge beam that produces beautiful aerial effects.

Both ETC and High End Systems were delighted to visit Japan where the companies shared the latest innovations and engaged with dealers and customers.