ETC launches Paradigm Touchscreen Remote app

Date Posted: 9/19/2018

Paradigm Touchscreen Remote App

ETC is proud to debut their latest app: Paradigm Touchscreen Remote, which gives users easy, app-based access to their touchscreen controls. 

With the Paradigm Touchscreen Remote app, Ethernet-connected PTS-7 touchscreens can be directly controlled via iOS or Android mobile devices. App users see a duplicate of the touchscreen interface for direct control or monitoring of activity at the touchscreen, including button presses and system state. The app mirrors what’s on the touchscreen with no additional programming necessary, making setup simple. When multiple Touchscreens are installed, users select the correct Touchscreen by name, so people know exactly what screen they’re connected to. While system setup is easy, multiple layers of security built into the app, Paradigm, and the local wireless network ensure there is no unauthorized access to your controls.

The Paradigm Touchscreen Remote app is activated when users upgrade to their system to the latest version of Paradigm software, version 4.1.0. This version features other enhancements, including code optimizations and bug fixes. It is available for installation by authorized service centers now.