ETC launches new Mosaic Show Controller X

Date Posted: 6/14/2016

Mosaic Show Controller X

ETC announced today its Unison Mosaic® Show Controller X (MSCX) has a new-and-improved version. It is now smaller, housed in a one-unit, 19-inch rack-mount enclosure. The updated Show Controller X is offered with capacities from 5,120 channels (10 universes) up to 50,000 channels of DMX-over-Ethernet. It is compatible with all existing and new Mosaic control systems that utilize Mosaic Designer 2 software.

Mosaic Show Controller X was created for larger lighting and LED installations that demand synchronized control and extensive capabilities," explains ETC Architectural Product Manager Lowell Olcott, "which is why the MSCX offers an extensive range of external triggering interfaces, including Ethernet, RS232 Serial, and more." It also provides astronomical, real-time and lunar-time time-based control as well as video output for multiple pixel matrices simultaneously.