ETC Joins QSC Q-SYS Platform

Date Posted: 6/9/2022

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ETC is excited to announce it has joined the QSC Q-SYS Platform, adding ETC’s architectural control solutions to the Q-SYS ecosystem.  ETC’s new integration offers preset control, dimming, macros, and sequence control for ETC’s Paradigm lighting control system. The new integration give Q-SYS users simple, powerful lighting control directly from one touchpoint. You can get hands-on with an ETC integration at the QSC booth W947 at the 2022 InfoComm show in Las Vegas. 

Developed by ETC, the Paradigm plug-in offers customized control for large-scale networked lighting systems. The plug-in gives users simple preset and group control as well as the whole scope of the Paradigm possibilities via macros. Programmed in Paradigm and accessible via the plug-in in Q-SYS Designer Software, macros allow for powerful control options from Q-SYS. Users will also be able to combine rooms with Wall Control from within Q-SYS. 

“We’re excited to bring ETC architectural lighting control integration to QSC and their innovative Q-SYS platform,” says Shawn Fernandez. “This simple integration offers a world of power and possibility for lighting control for both ETC and Q-SYS users.”

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