ETC is now 100% Employee Owned

Date Posted: 2/21/2024

ETC is now 100% Employee Owned

As ETC approaches its 50th anniversary, it enters a new period of growth. This was demonstrated at a company meeting on February 20. After CEO, Dick Titus, discussed upcoming corporate goals, member of the Board of Directors and son of Fred Foster, James Foster announced that ETC has expanded its employee stock option program, making the company 100% employee owned. This act further solidifies ETC’s unique corporate culture where employees come first and are rewarded for their dedication and continued contributions to the industry.

Founded in 1975 by Fred Foster and a group of college friends, ETC has always been a place known for being “Midwest-nice”. Fred was always quick to give credit to the employees for every corporate success. In his speech to the company this week, James Foster said, “When we’re at our best, we are more than just a company. And now you own ETC, in totality. Its success is your success. I believe you’re going to take ETC to places we can only imagine. I can’t wait to work alongside you to make that happen.”

Known for manufacturing iconic products that can be found in venues around the world, ETC has expanded from the small, theatrical lighting company of the 90s to a full-system provider for museums, stadiums, television studios, hotels, hospitals, schools, and theatres in hundreds of countries around the globe.

We at ETC are excited for this new chapter, and with the continued leadership of Dick Titus and our management team, look forward to working and thriving together.