ETC introduces the ScentFourAromaEngine

Date Posted: 4/1/2015

ScentFourAromaEngine - The Fragrance of the Future

The scent of fresh-baked cookies reminds you of your grandmother's love. A whiff of sunscreen makes you long for a vacation. The sweet aroma of cotton candy punctured by the stench of porta-potties takes you back to the joy of a summer carnival. The eye-watering odor of cheap aftershave sparks the same nervous excitement you had during your first kiss. Smell is our strongest sense, instantly triggering emotions and memories. And for too long, it has been the missing piece in the authentic theater puzzle. But ETC's new ScentFourAromaEngine™  changes all of that, by bringing the power of smell to the stage.

The ScentFourAromaEngine works with any ETC fixture, including conventional Source Four®, Source Four LED, Selador® Classic, Selador Desire®, GDS by ETC, and ColorSource™ PAR units. "Lighting designers around the globe rely on ETC for the highest-quality light," says Jim Uphoff, ETC fixtures product manager and inventor of the ScentFourAromaEngine. "And now you can take your artistry to the next level by adding scents to match the action - and more importantly, the lighting - in a production."

ScentFourAromaEngine - The Smell of Creativity

Available in three footprints - TinyWhiff™, InhaleDeeply™ and TotalKnockout™ - the ScentFourAromaEngine allows you to control the amount of output a scene requires. It comes with 14 scent profiles that can be mixed and matched to create a nearly limitless range of smells. "Our consoles now have a new feature, the Scent Picker, which makes it super easy to dial up the right fragrance," explains ETC Entertainment Market Manager Matt Armendariz-Kerr. "Simply pick a featured scent profile - like Strawberry, Rubber Tire or FEAR - from a list, or experiment with different combinations on the scent wheel to make your own."

There are several mounting options that ship with the ScentFourAromaEngines: Sniff-brand clamps, ReekRope, regular gaffer tape, or FourGum™, a patent-pending chewing gum that ETC developed for use with this product. They all allow for quick attachment of the ScentFourAromaEngine, even to fixtures on existing rigs.

ScentFourAromaEngine - We're out of tag lines..

"This is a groundbreaking product for the theater," describes Uphoff. "Just as the Source Four fixture transformed stage lighting, the ScentFourAromaEngine will revolutionize stage smelling. It's a product you have to smell to believe."

The ScentFourAromaEngine will be available for purchase on Tuesday, February 30th , 2016. A new version of the product, which can bring the smell of creativity to television, Blu-ray, DVDs and all mobile devices will be released Wednesday, February 29th , 2017. 

Note: The ScentFourAromaEngine is not a real product, but an April Fools' Day joke. If you want to see ETC poke fun at ourselves, watch the fake product video at