ETC introduces MCX Node for Foundation controllers

Date Posted: 2/2/2016

MCX Node

Founded in 2009, ETC's rigging division continues to provide safe and reliable rigging system solutions across the entertainment industry and beyond. With the addition of the MCX Node to ETC Rigging's portfolio, you can now build larger and more complex rigging systems than ever before.

The MCX Node is an Ethernet-based I/O accessory for ETC's Foundation®controller that facilitates communication between Foundation and connected hoists, increasing the standard 48-axis capacity to 96 axes of control, to be used with motorized hoists and curtain motors. "It doubles the hoist capacity of our Foundation controllers, which makes it a great solution for television studios and larger installations that need to upgrade or expand their current systems," explains ETC Rigging Product Manager Nils Becker. Each Node supports 48 axes of control. When using a 1RU rack-mount kit, you can install two MCX Nodes per system, totaling 96 axes of control.

"The MCX Node maintains the integrity of any connected safety features, like dead-man and E-stop safety circuits," continues Becker. "It allows them to be shared among all connected hoists." The Node also uses the same topology as all preexisting Foundation, QuickTouch® and QuickTouch+®controllers .