ETC Introduces ALCR-PP-Mk2

Date Posted: 2/1/2023

ETC Introduces ALCR-PP-Mk2

ETC has introduced a new version of the Power Pack ALCR (Automatic Load Control Relay). The new ALCR-PP-Mk2 model now supports emergency control of 0-10 VDC, DALI, and DMX512 directly controlled emergency luminaires in accordance with 2023 NEC section700.24. When used for emergency control of 0-10V luminaires, these additional relay contacts allow two separate control circuits for luminaires that require two channels of control.

The ALCR allows emergency lighting fixtures that are also used for normal illumination to be controlled under everyday non-emergency circumstances. When normal power is lost or a fire alarm is activated, the ALCR bypasses normal control and forces the emergency lighting fixtures to an emergency state.

Luminaires that are energized to the appropriate emergency level upon loss of control connection are no longer required to be UL 924 listed because of changes to section 700.24 in the 2023 NEC. Unlike the DEBC that actively drives DMX512 channels to full, the ALCR-PP-Mk2 will disconnect 0-10V, DALI, or DMX512 control signals, driving the emergency luminaire to its data-loss state, as well as bypassing any normal line-voltage power control of the luminaire.

The ALCR is a UL 924 Listed emergency lighting device for control of a single, 120/277 V circuit. The ALCR-DIN will remain unchanged from its original version, and will still support a single control circuit of 0-10V or DALI. All new quotes for the ALCR-PP will switch to the Mk2 version immediately. Any existing orders for the original ALCR will continue to ship as the original product. If you would like to change your order to the new version, please contact your customer service rep or project manager.

At ETC, we understand that emergency lighting is first and foremost a matter of life safety. This new version of our Power Pack ALCR will give our customers access to control of many more emergency luminaire types that we weren’t previously able to support.

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