ETC gets in gear for PLASA Focus Leeds 2015

Date Posted: 4/30/2015

ETC ColorSource PAR

Following a hugely successful Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt, ETC is getting ready to head to northern England, where its most popular, new and updated products will be on display on stand C06 at PLASA Focus Leeds, May 12th to 13th.

The Source Four® LED system is set to headline the lighting area. With a range of fixed-focus and zoom lens tubes; the Source Four LED CYC and new Source Four LED Fresnel adapters; and accessories, the Source Four LED fixture can go anywhere in a rig. ETC will also show the ColorSource™ PAR fixture , the new addition to ETC's LED range that perfectly suits budget-starved venues without sacrificing the output, quality or customer-service levels that people have come to expect.

The Source Four fixture's miniature sibling, the Source Four Mini , will also be on display, proving that bright, accurate light can come in a small package.

ETC Gio lighting desk

Meanwhile, an ETC Gio® control desk will be joined by ETCnomad™ and ETCnomad Puck™ mini controllers. Gio's fast, easy-to-navigate control surfaces allow quick access to all your favorite functions. ETCnomad and ETCnomad Puck allow lighting control via your own monitor and control surfaces, for when you don't have the space for a desk in your luggage or control station. ETCnomad products run both Cobalt® - and Eos®-family software, and can be used as a primary controller, for backup, as a client or offline. Whichever syntax you prefer, and however you want to work, ETCnomad is ready for you.

In the seminar area, ETC's Eos Product Manager Anne Valentino will be discussing Advanced Color Controls on Tuesday afternoon in the Wellington Room. Valentino will talk alongside the National Theatre's lighting control supervisor, Daniel Murfin, about how ETC has been working on improving the control of color-changing fixtures. "Often, transitions look artificial or don't work well with the rest of the rig," explains Valentino. "In our presentation, I'll explain how we've worked hard on the Eos software to eliminate the differences, introducing new tools which can make lighting with LED as natural as tungsten."

ETC Source Four LED Fresnel

The latest Eos software release, which is due out this summer, includes new color-space options, as well as improved gel matching and new display options. Tinting tools - such as warmer and cooler - can also be used to adjust color. 

Cobalt software is also set to be updated in the summer, and can be previewed at PLASA Focus Leeds. This release brings several new features, including the option to use cue sequences, targeted recording to a selected master playback, the new Beat Boss speed controller for effects, increased action macro commands, and the ability to assign action macros onto the Direct Select buttons.

To find out more about the products on display, and about all ETC's other products and services, please visit them at their stand C06 in the New Dock Hall at PLASA Focus Leeds, May 12th and 13th.