ETC gearing up for Cine Gear Expo

Date Posted: 5/26/2016

Eos Programming Wing

ETC has recently introduced several products designed to meet the unique needs of broadcast lighting. You can check out Eos® Programming Wings , the newest additions to the ColorSource™ family , and more new equipment on stand S322 at the 2016 Cine Gear Expo, June 3rd and 4th, at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles.  

Eos Programming Wings

Eos Programming Wings provide you a surface to work with ETCnomad™ and ETCnomad Puck™ mini-controllers , Net3 RVIs (Net3 Remote Video Interfaces) , or RPUs (Remote Processor Units) . They feature a dedicated user interface, and have DMX512-A/RDM and MIDI In/Out outputs. The wings have the same layout as your Eos Ti® or Gio® lighting-control desks, allowing for easy setup and familiar, fast programming. Each wing contains playback and fader controls, parameter encoders, and level and rate controls. And they're compact enough for you to take them on mobile shoots or fit in cramped studios. 

ColorSource Family


Broadcast-lighting professionals have embraced the ColorSource® PAR and Spot LED luminaires , thanks to their color capabilities that go well beyond what other four-color LEDs can produce. Their mix of red, green, blue and lime emitters create light that looks natural - both in person and on camera. And their high 25K mode allows the ColorSource fixtures to run flicker-free. 

Now the ColorSource family has been expanded to include portable control desks that easily manage modern studio-lighting setups. They go easy on your budget and their small size is perfect for on-location shoots or moving from set to set in a studio. ColorSource consoles come in two sizes with up to 40 or 80 total dimmers, LEDs and moving lights, and optional AV and Ethernet capabilities. You can plug them in and start programming right away, with RDM-enabled lights automatically populating in patch. An onboard touchscreen and faders give you the ability to control moving lights and mix LED colors, either on the fly or programmed in advance. And with ColorSource AV consoles, you can even combine sound, lighting and visual media into the same playback. 

Do you have hard-to-reach lighting positions in your studio? Are you looking for a more streamlined setup? With minimal setup and zero programming, the new ColorSource Relay controller gives you data distribution, DMX transmission and power-switching all in one wireless device. You can combine it with any fixture that requires DMX and switched power.  

You can learn more about these and all of ETC's products on stand S322 at the Cine Gear Expo.