ETC exhibits at GET Show 2018

Date Posted: 6/5/2018

Ion Xe GETS 2018

From 8th May to 11th May, ETC teamed up with dealer Hang Zhou YiDaShi Lighting Equipment Co. Ltd., to exhibit at the Guangzhou Entertainment Technology Show, at the Poly World Trade Center Expo in Guangzhou, China.  ETC showcased a selection of their latest products in booth 6B-02A. Visitors were able to learn about the newest addition to the Eos Family and the ColorSource Family as well as ETC’s architectural lighting control solutions

Ion Xe

Ion Xe, the newest addition to Eos family, is an upgrade to the Ion console. Ion Xe’s compact footprint with full-featured Eos software is designed to bring the programming power of the Eos family to smaller venues.  It also features the same full–function keyboard as the other consoles in the family.

ColorSource CYC GETS 2018

ColorSource CYC             

Along with the other luminaires of the ColorSource family, the new cyclorama fixture, ColorSource CYC, will also be exhibited in the GET show. Visitors will be able to see the smooth wash light produced by the fixture. Moreover, instead of the standard RGB-Lime array, this fixture uses a unique color mix of red, green, blue, indigo, and lime. The fifth emitter color, indigo LED help achieve rich, deep blues, giving a wider range of colors. 

Architectural Lighting Control Solutions                             

Visitors to the booth also saw the ETC architectural lighting control solutions, the Unison Family. Product experts demonstrated how ETC architectural systems can meet the needs of projects of all sizes and budgets. Unison Paradigm, Mosaic and Echo control systems combine the architectural and entertainment lighting control technology, give a higher flexibility and a comprehensive control of architectural lighting.