ETC combines summer camp and professional development

Date Posted: 8/2/2017

CUE 2017

On Thursday, July 20th, nearly 250 ETC end users arrived in Madison, WI, for the fourth CUE conference. CUE, short for Create Understand Experience, is a professional development conference hosted by ETC every other summer.

This year’s classes were organized into one- and two-day-long tracks so attendees would have a more immersive, educational experience. Tracks focused on technicians, educators, general system networking, designing a better theater, and Eos console programming. The typical daily class schedule was enhanced this summer with optional Saturday evening classes. With so many opportunities for hands-on learning, it’s no wonder that reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.

CUE 2017

When asked to describe one main takeaway from the event, a CUE attendee says: “This should be required for technicians everywhere. There are too many benefits to list.”

Several of the courses throughout the weekend required prerequisite console training and quiz completion, making for a more advanced option to the conference than in the past. Many other courses offered ETCP continuing education credit upon completion.

If you were unable to make the trip to Wisconsin, or want to replay some of your favorite moments, check out the CUE website. Classes both Friday and Saturday, and Friday morning’s keynote address by David Lincecum, vice president of Marketing, were recorded live and can be found at

CUE 2017

While it may seem like a lot of work, there was also plenty of time to play. The entire CUE event took on a Summer Camp theme which brought with it some uncharacteristic event details. There were badges to collect for completed tasks throughout the weekend, impromptu Camp CUE sing alongs at the registration desk, and s’mores roasting at the Friday evening picnic event.

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