ETC Cobalt goes clubbing at Circo Loco in Rome

Date Posted: 8/14/2014

ETC Cobalt lights Circo Loco event in Rome

From humble beginnings in a then almost unknown club in Ibiza in 1999, the Circo Loco super-club has quickly grown to become a global brand. Young - and young at heart - people flock to DC10 and other clubs on the island to dance to some of the best DJs in the world, under one of the world's best club-lighting rigs. In July, Italian promoters Andrea and Antonio took the event back to their homeland, with an all-night event at the Stadio Dei Marmi arena in Rome, with lighting controlled by ETC's new Cobalt desk. 

Daniele Peroni programs on the fly with a Cobalt console

Many of ETC's staff also work as freelance lighting operators and designers, so it was no surprise that when Daniele Peroni, ETC's Rome-based field project coordinator, was asked to look after the lighting for the night. He jumped at the chance to see how the Cobalt desk would perform. The job required keeping thousands of clubbers entertained, using 140 fixtures and a media server to control a giant LED wall behind the DJs, who included legendary DJ Carl Cox. 

"My brief was simply to create nice lighting in a great environment," he says. "We used some of the basic palettes, presets and color programming, but the rest of the night, we controlled the lighting on the fly. Cobalt's very quick touchscreen operating style makes it perfect for live performances and events, and I was able to make great use of the effects generator."

Circo Loco event, Stadio Dei Marmi arena, Rome, Italy

Circo Loco comes to Rome once a year, and this is the first time that Peroni has controlled the lighting. He was even able to use some of the latest ETC Source Four LED™ Series 2 luminaires, using three to highlight the DJs.

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