ETC becomes sole owner of Echoflex Solutions

Date Posted: 1/9/2018

Echoflex Solutions Logo

In 2012, ETC partnered with Echoflex Solutions, a manufacturer of wireless control products for commercial lighting, HVAC and other applications. After five years of continued growth and innovation ETC recognized a good thing, and has completed the purchase of the rest of the company. On January 1, 2018, Echoflex Solutions became wholly-owned by ETC.

“Echoflex is poised to grow our business and expand our product lines. This acquisition by ETC will allow us to carry out those plans more fully,” said Shawn Pedersen, president of Echoflex Solutions.

“Echoflex has been a great partner for ETC, allowing us to diversify our business, develop key ETC products and reach more customers,” added Dick Titus, President of ETC. “This purchase gives them even more resources to expand their reach and helps ETC solidify a position in the growing market for wireless controls.”

Echoflex Solutions will remain committed to their core business of developing and manufacturing wireless, wired and hybrid commercial control systems. The Echoflex solution includes wall switch products and sensors for occupancy, vacancy, daylight, temperature, humidity, CO2sensors plus other advanced responsive controls, including their solar-charged, wireless IoT ceiling sensor. The acquisition will also help Echoflex Solutions as they broaden their distribution channels to include industrial integrators and dealers, specifically HVAC contractors.

“With this acquisition, we’ll be in a better position to grow additional channels of distribution and make inroads into the world of HVAC dealers and integration,” said Pedersen. “It’s a great opportunity to push what we have and what we do, and we’re grateful for ETC’s commitment to that, and us.”

Echoflex Solutions will continue to operate as a separate company and its headquarters will remain in Squamish, British Columbia.