ETC at ABTT Theatre Show 2015

Date Posted: 6/10/2015

ETC Vortek rigging system

On stands B11 and B20 - which face each other across the aisle at the ABTT Theatre Show - ETC will be presenting our rigging products, together with our latest control desks and fixtures.

ETC Rigging™ , which will be seen for the first time in the UK, is a range of packaged wire-rope hoists and controllers that are designed to be quick and easy to specify and install. ETC employees will be available to discuss how this new addition to the product range can fit into users' venues or projects.

Across the aisle, ETC's second stand will focus on lighting-control desks and fixtures. ETC's Gio® control desk, which uses the powerful Eos® operating system that is rapidly becoming standard in theaters across the UK, will be joined by Cobalt® 10 , which is designed for quick, seamless lighting control.

The theory behind Cobalt's operating system, says Cobalt Product Manager Sarah Clausen, is that people should be able to "reach out and touch the light." By combining direct-access selection with a short operating syntax, users begin to feel that there's nothing between them and the control desk.

ETC Gio control desk

Gio, meanwhile, has all the power of ETC's flagship Eos Ti® desk, yet remains portable enough to easily carry to the control room while on tour, or for when space is at a premium. As with Cobalt, the software was designed to be quick and user friendly. The two built-in monitors can be supplemented by up to three external monitors - all of which can be multi-touch.

The Source Four® LED Series 2 system is a complete lighting solution, made up of three different color engines, nine angles of fixed-focus lens tubes, two zoom lenses, and the Source Four LED Fresnel and CYC adapters . The Lustr®, Tungsten HD and Daylight HD color engines provide bright, powerful lighting with the ability for color-temperature and +/- green adjustment capabilities, at a fraction of the energy usage and heat output of traditional tungsten fixtures, while being of the required high quality for the exacting specifications of high-definition TV cameras.

ETC Source Four LED system

At 12:30pm on the first day of the show, Wednesday, June 24th, in the stunning Londesborough Room, ETC's Associate Regional Manager Jeremy Roberts will be joined by Daniel Murfin, lighting control supervisor at the National Theatre, to discuss ETC's work improving control of LED fixtures. 

Building on the honorable mention ETC received at the 2014 LDI tradeshow for the color-control capabilities in Eos family desks, this seminar will show how Eos software can unlock the full potential of LED fixtures. Roberts and Murfin will talk about how the software includes tools - such as multiple user-selectable color spaces, new gel-matching concepts and relative-color offsets - that make transitions between color states easier and inherently predictable. Attendees will walk away knowing the ins and outs of LED fixture control.

Visit ETC on stands B11 and B20 to discuss these and all of ETC's products and services, and to enjoy a refreshing glass of Pimms® and lemonade.