ETC announces new dealer structure in the Netherlands

Date Posted: 3/3/2015

ETC is always striving to give the best service to its customers. As a way to better serve the Dutch market, ETC is changing their sales structure in the Netherlands from a distributor based model to a dealer based model. That means that beginning on 1 March 2015, a sales structure will be set up where ETC will handle promotions and sell through a dealer network.

Lightco Nederland B.V. has been ETC's distributor for many years and has done great work promoting ETC. However, ETC's continued growth and product family expansions make it a challenge for distributors to promote the complete ETC product portfolio. "It's a very big job to promote all ETC products across different segments of the market. This responsibility is a lot to ask of our distributors, but is a necessary job to do," says Tim Stokholm, ETC's regional sales manager for Northern Europe.

Lightco will continue its relationship with ETC as a dealer. Lightco is the professional lighting sales company within the Ampco-Flashlight Group in the Netherlands. In that role, Lightco has been responsible for the sales, distribution and support of all ETC products on the Dutch market for the past 15 years. Lightco serves as a training center, designer and installer, and boasts a top notch maintenance department with years of experience servicing ETC products.

ETC has also appointed Controllux B.V. as a dealer, so ETC will have two dealers in the Netherlands. "We are very happy that Controllux is coming on board. They have a fantastic team with great knowledge, and their culture is close to ETC's," explains Stokholm. "With Lightco and Controllux, we have an ideal setup to give the Dutch customers the best service in the entertainment lighting market."

"Controllux sells solutions in the lighting industry, working in six disciplines: theatre, studio/film, entertainment, architectural, rigging and consumables. While selling solutions, it is important to have suppliers that deliver the right product for the demands of our customers", describes Enrico Daamen, Controllux B.V.'s managing director. "ETC is a world leader and important player with a big range of products. In almost all of the areas where we are working, they have good solutions with high quality. Behind the products is a large number of people who will support us with correct answers and technical details. We are more than happy to have direct access to ETC so we can support our customers with more top-quality solutions."

"In an evolving market, it is important that users and customers have adequate access to as many products as possible to able to ensure the best price and quality," says Peter de Fouw, managing director of Lightco Nederland B.V. "With Lightco having Controllux as a distribution partner for ETC on the Dutch market, this step will greatly enhance the market position of ETC. It will allow both companies to do combined trainings and presentations, and will give us the possibility of better service for ETC end users."