ETC and SiM celebrate at Prolight + Sound NAMM Russia 2017

Date Posted: 9/26/2017

DOKA’s stand

ETC and High End Systems (HES) products attracted big crowds at this year’s Prolight + Sound NAMM Russia tradeshow. That wasn’t the only thing that ETC and SiM had to celebrate. The two companies hosted a small event alongside the tradeshow to celebrate their new partnership.

SiM’s stand

Prolight + Sound NAMM Russia 2017

Attendees to the Prolight + Sound tradeshow had the opportunity to try out ETC’s compact, budget-friendly lighting-control console ColorSource AV on the stand of official dealer DOKA Center. ColorSource AV consoles come in two sizes for control of up to 40 or 80 devices like LEDs, moving lights, or dimmers, as well as AV and Ethernet capabilities. They provide hands-on, portable control of intelligent lights, with an approachable, streamlined interface, and the ability to mix LED colors. 

Visitors to DOKA’s stand also had the opportunity to learn about and register for a lighting contest for designers under the age of 30. Contestants can submit their lighting designs by May 25th, 2018, to DOKA for review, and get the chance to win a variety of special prizes from sponsors, including an Ion Xe lighting desk from ETC. More information about the competition can be found at

Vladimir Kraynov and Ivan Rumyantsev

ETC and SiM party

In the spring, ETC and SiM announced a new marketing partnership between their companies, following ETC’s acquisition of HES. The Prolight + Sound tradeshow was the first time that partnership was on display, with SiM demoing Hog4-series consoles and other HES equipment under the ETC banner. ETC and SiM also hosted a small get-together on Friday, September 15th, for close friends and partners, to celebrate the new partnership and the success of both their companies. 

Guests at ETC SiM HES party

Party guests were given an overview of new ETC and HES products, as well as information about the console-training courses ETC and SiM host in Russia. ETC Technical Sales Specialist Vladimir Kraynov showed a video that explained the similarities between ETC and HES and how important their employees are to making their products so popular. They toasted the future of ETC and SiM and enjoyed birthday cake.