ETC and Samat Show Technics hold first training session in Kazakhstan

Date Posted: 3/22/2019

ETC held a series of training sessions on Eos and Hog consoles and networking in Kazakhstan for the first time in February and March 2019. The training courses were held in association with dealer, Samat Show Technics Ltd in the capital city, Astana and Kazakhstan’s largest metropolis, Alma-Ata.

training session in Kazakhstan

Specialist trainer, Anton Voronin delivered both practical and theory based training during the Hog session, which was well received by all attendees in Astana.

training session in Kazakhstan

This was followed by training sessions on both Eos and Hog consoles in Alma-Ata in early March. Attendees to the sessions explored RDM, sACN, Art-Net and network technologies related to stage lighting. ETC trainer Timur Saitov delivered the Eos training to a packed out course. Attendees were acquainted with the powerful color management system within Eos; offering unprecedented color options, as well as a wide range of new features that allow users to adapt their workflows. Trainees were also taught to construct a remote control layout that can meets their individual requirements.

training session in Kazakhstan

In both cities, ETC’s training sessions also covered the topic ‘Network technologies for lighting industry professionals’ – a subject that is in particular demand in today’s world of modern technology where using networks becomes more commonplace. Network technology trainer, Alexei Pavlenko led the training, covering IP addressing, subnet masks, Ethernet and much more.

Kazakhstan is the latest addition to the locations where ETC hosts training sessions. Other nearby locations include Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia and many more across Europe. Registration for upcoming courses is available here: