ETC adds Fresnel adapter to Source Four LED family

Date Posted: 4/6/2015

Source Four LED Fresnel

There's another tool in the Source Four® LED toolbox. ETC is announcing a new optic, the Source Four LED Fresnel adapter, which attaches to the front end of a Source Four LED Series 2 or Series 1 light engine, turning it into a superior washlight.

The Source Four LED Fresnel adapter's highly-tuned optics help create smooth light with soft edges. Its light blends evenly and uniformly from fixture to fixture. And it allows barn-dooring and the addition of 7.5-inch accessories, so even the most discerning designer can sculpt the light to the right specifications.

Source Four LED system

Because the Source Four LED light engines benefit from the extensive color-mixing research ETC has done, the Source Four LED Fresnel can output tunable white light that flawlessly illuminates people or objects, or the most expansive range of bold color possible from an LED source. "The Source Four LED Fresnel will change the way you think about Fresnel lighting," says ETC Fixtures Product Manager Jim Uphoff. "It has the comforts of traditional Fresnels - like the ability to frame the light - but the Source Four LED light engine takes the Source Four LED Fresnel to a whole new level with exceptional color, high brightness and energy efficiency. Its outstanding light quality makes it a must-have for the stage and the screen." 

The introduction of the Fresnel adapter also expands the practicality of the Source Four LED light engine. Just by adding an adapter, attachment or accessory, it can become a cyc light, a zoomable spotlight, a fixed-focus profile, or dozens of other fixture options. A Source Four LED Series 1 or Series 2 light engine can enhance any lighting inventory.

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