ETC & High End celebrate success in Broadcast Asia 2019

Date Posted: 8/7/2019

ETC & HES Celebrate Successful Broadcast Asia 2019

ETC and High End Systems met participants in Asia in May and demonstrated their commitment to high quality visual environment technology. Both companies showcased the latest products, including ETC’s Relevé Spot, the first moving light designed for the theatre and ETC’s first integrated 3D programming environment, Augment3d for Eos v3.0. High End Systems products included Sola Series LED automated lighting and Hog Family consoles. 

ETC & HES Celebrate Successful Broadcast Asia 2019

A spectacular four-minute light show was performed in the booth. The show was deftly designed by noted lighting designer Adrian Ngieng. Ngieng selected High End Systems’ Hog 4-18 console and Sola Series of automated fixtures to create stunning light beams with vivid colors and effects. Crowds of attendees were drawn in to enjoy the amazing light show.

ETC invited Barbara Tan-Tiongco, the renowned lighting designer and theatre technical consultant from Philippines, to speak on lighting technology and development through mass media. Barbara shared valuable insights in a tech talk and interacted with attendees throughout the presentation.

ETC & HES Celebrate Successful Broadcast Asia 2019

As ETC and High End Systems were first-time exhibitors at Broadcast Asia, visitors were eager to explore all they had to offer.  We’re looking forward to Broadcast Asia 2020 where both companies promise to showcase even more new products.