Echoflex Solutions Releases Wireless TimeClock

Date Posted: 8/25/2021

Wireless TimeClock

Echoflex Solutions is pleased to announce the Echoflex Wireless TimeClock. The Wireless TimeClock partners the ease of wireless installation with powerful scene control and the ability to schedule events across multiple areas. Packed with features, the Wireless TimeClock transforms into a room controller capable of directing lighting events in multiple spaces simultaneously.

“The Wireless TimeClock is a powerful little tool,” says Paul Greening, Commercial Lighting Market Manager for Echoflex Solutions. “It can easily handle scheduling and scenes for single rooms, rooms with multiple zones, and even multiple spaces.”

Scene presets are the heart of the Wireless TimeClock, as it executes scenes day after day, effortlessly handling business hours, daylight saving time, sensor inputs, and everything else. Its comprehensive event programming capabilities maximize energy efficiency and help installations meet Title 24, IECC, and ASHRAE-90.1 energy requirements.

The Wireless TimeClock then layers in powerful grouping features and masking logic to enable large-scale control of devices, rooms, groups of rooms, and more. With the Group feature, users can organize multiple rooms or areas into a single point of control. Managers can schedule a daylighting plan for all offices with windows or make one plan for all hallways. The Wireless TimeClock also includes logic for time-based masking. This allows control devices to ignore messages while the TimeClock mask is active. For example, you can easily set your hallway lights to stay on during the day and only respond to occupancy sensors after business hours. And it all comes in a compact, stylish package designed to fit in with any décor.