Echoflex Solutions releases Magnetic Contact Sensor

Date Posted: 10/20/2021

Magnetic Contact Sensor

Energy codes increasingly call for portal status indicators – like an open door or window – to control heating or lighting levels. The new Echoflex Solutions Magnetic Contact Sensor (MC-31) is a simple, wireless sensor that helps users capture those energy savings.

When mounted on the inside of a window or door jamb, the Echoflex Magnetic Contact Sensor provides passive occupancy detection. It wirelessly transmits the open or closed status of a door or window to trigger lighting controls or HVAC setback temperature control devices.

The MC-31 sensor can be configured to monitor closed-to-open, and/or open-to-closed transitions, or just the current state of the device. Plus, its battery is rated for 10 years of use, so users will capture savings for a long time to come.