Chengdu City Concert Hall Selects ETC

Date Posted: 12/21/2022

The Chengdu City Concert Hall is the government’s initiative to promote Chengdu City as the national hub of the music industry. The up-and-coming music development hub is dedicated to bringing a classic and best-in-class musical experience to the world. The design of the Concert Hall integrates the best theatrical technology, including architectural structure, stage lighting, acoustics, audio and visual, machinery, interior design, plus smart and intelligent technology, making it one of the top performance centers in the world. It is also the biggest concert hall of the western part of China.

Chengdu City Concert Hall is in Chengdu, with a total construction area of about 100,000 sqm designed with an opera hall, a music hall, a theatre hall, and a mini music hall. ETC teamed up with the regional dealer - Hangzhou Yidashi – to manage this project and provide one-stop service for the design of the stage lighting system, equipment procurement and supply, installation, and testing.

To provide the best lighting for every performance hosted in this contemporary art center, Yidashi proposed ETC's Source Four luminaires to light up the front stage with the brightest and warmest light, which also generate a natural and nuanced face light for all performers on stage. ColorSource PAR with RGBL (Red, Green, Blue, and Lime) LED arrays are also equipped on stage which provide a vivid wash light, thus enhancing the mood for all productions. The RDM control function is another plus for the ColorSource PAR light as it makes remote adjustment of lighting easy for every crew.

The Eos consoles were selected to provide the main and backup control system for managing the lighting fixtures in the newly opened performance center. Two Gio consoles are installed in the theatre hall which seats 400. The compact and comprehensive Ion XE with 2K output and 2x10 fader wings are used to provide reliable lighting control for the music hall, which is the second large performance venue in the building with 1400 seats. The mini music hall and the rehearsal rooms also installed Ion XE consoles, while the Press Room selected a ColorSource AV console. "The best thing is that all of ETC's consoles are operating with the same Eos system software which offers a seamless and nearly-identical lighting control experience in each of the venues," commented a representative from Chengdu City Concert Hall. The client was also impressed by the award-winning Eos software, as the magic sheet tool provides a flexible and customizable interface that facilitates an efficient lighting control workflow during rehearsal or live production.

Yidashi proposed a Paradigm architectural lighting system for controlling the work lights in the Concert Hall. Paradigm is a comprehensive and sophisticated control system that offers an intuitive LED touchscreen station and remote control which makes managing work lights easier than ever before. ETC's iRFR wireless control makes the process easy since crews can set up or adjust cues anytime, anywhere.

In terms of the lighting network control system, Yidashi recommended ETC's Net3 ACN Gateway as it is an ethernet-based networking system that achieves a stable signal transmission. The plug-and-play ethernet network is POE, which is convenient for using any equipment on the stage that has DMX512 signal distribution.

For power and dimming control, the client selected a Sensor3 Dimming System to manage all of the lighting equipment in the venue. The masterful power control is easy-to-use and suitable for all types of fixtures including those that require ThruPower Modules. It also offers an advanced feature, real-time feedback function providing comprehensive information, including input voltage, output load, rack temperature, output circuit breaker status, fan status, etc. The crews can monitor the power and dimming status that ensure a smooth flow of every live performance.

ETC is happy to collaborate with Hangzhou Yidashi and provide a comprehensive lighting solution to Chengdu City Concert Hall to create an unparalleled lighting for professional music and cultural performances.

Photo Credit: Chengdu City Concert Hall and Hangzhou Yidashi