Buchheim Museum of Imagination switches to LED lighting with ETC

Date Posted: 12/4/2018


This year, the renowned Buchheim Museum of Imagination in Germany, chose to upgrade its lighting system from conventional tungsten halogen spotlights to LED lighting by ETC. 

The museum in southern Germany, is known for its masterpieces of Expressionism and showcases a collection of artwork and paintings by famous artists such as Heckel, Nolde and Pechstein. Museum Director Daniel J. Schreiber, invested in 160 Irideon FPZ fixtures by ETC for two large exhibition halls in the museum, displaying the artwork in a brand new light.

German-based rental company Scheinwurf GmbH, installed the powerful LED fixtures in the museum and noticed an immediate difference in the colours of the art on display. Schreiber described how: “The conversion to LED lighting displays the collection of artwork in optimal light. For example, blue and green colours are clearly defined in the paintings but less so with halogen lights. The contrast between red, orange and yellow are also less noticeable in tungsten lighting. ETC’s LED Irideon offers the solution.”

Kunst-der-Moderne-mit-Irideon FPZ-LED-Scheinwerfer-von-ETC

Head of Lighting at Scheinwurf GmbH Peter Platz, observed that the Irideon FPZ fixtures were “the whole package: particularly with features including zoom optics, different colour temperatures and dimming options on the spotlight.” ETC’s Irideon FPZ has a powerful LED beam boasting over 800 lumens and lockable 3-plane shutters. The modern architectural lighting system has the best of the Source Four Mini LED platform with a distinctive design and its own set of enhancements. 

The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety endorsed the museum’s move to LED lighting. “The National Climate Initiative favours institutions that switch from tungsten halogen to LED lighting,” commented Schreiber. One of the prerequisites was that, in the long run, the investment would reduce the energy use and lighting bill by 50% for the museum within a period of 20 years. 

The new system has been well-received by the museum and its visitors, with the director positively concluding that “anyone who has seen a painting in pure LED lighting would want to keep it that way.”

Photos © ETC/ Hubert Bösl