Brockman Hall Opens with Bevy of ETC and HES Gear

Date Posted: 6/1/2022

Rice University's Shepherd School of Music officially opened the new Brockman Hall for Opera earlier this year with a large installation of ETC and High End Systems lighting equipment in the venue. Over 100 each ETC Source4 and ColorSource fixtures, more than 40 High End Systems automated luminaires, GIO5 control and multiple networking devices fill the new space.

Designed by Allan Greenberg Architect LLC, the building offers a premium performance space for opera and chamber music and meets the Shepherd School's growing need for rehearsal and practice space. It also serves as a hallmark venue to attract and host high-profile speakers.

Rice personnel involved were consultant Gary C. Echelmeyer and Michael Freese, Director of Operations for Music. Echelmeyer wears many hats at Brockman - lighting designer, lighting supervisor, master electrician, and programmer on the productions, as well as for the music school. He says the main lighting needs for the space are to support opera, symphony, lectures, and small theatrical productions like dance and musicals.

Gary explains, “A repertory plot that I designed closely with Rice University Shepherd School of Music Opera personnel went through a handful of revisions and was solidified not long after substantial completion of the facility in July 2020. Gear delivery started in mid-October 2020. I did the spec for the end-user equipment package based on the needs of a medium-large scale opera house primarily for opera at the university level.”

“We were looking for a versatile, quiet and punchy rig for this intimate 600-seat opera venue. The SolaFrame 3000s, SolaFrame Theatres, and the SolaPix 19s all fit that requirement quite well. Additionally, we have a full complement of ETC ColorSource Spots Deep Blue, ETC ColorSource PARs, and ETC Series 2 Lustr.”

The lighting equipment was sold through Protolight. The Linbeck Group served as construction manager. Theater planning and design consultants Fisher Dachs Associates and acoustic consultants Threshold Acoustics collaborated with Greenberg on the design of the theater and orchestra pit.