Atendi announces ETC Rigging partnership with Priebe HOLD in Denmark

Date Posted: 2/5/2018

ETC Rigging, Priebe HOLD and Atendi join forces

During the recent Teknikmesse event in Copenhagen, the Denmark-based ETC dealer Atendi A/S announced a partnership with Priebe HOLD Aps. The two companies will work together to offer ETC Rigging solutions throughout the region. 

Atendi has teamed up with Priebe HOLD with the intention of offering the best solutions to their customers, enabling them to benefit from the two companies’ shared experience and expertise. Their common attitudes to core values and professionalism are a top priority, and their cooperation will allow them to solve even more complex tasks.

"As a result of this collaboration, we are confident that customers and prospects will receive a very professional service with regard to ETC Rigging in Denmark,” says Tim Stokholm, ETC regional manager for Northern Europe. “Priebe HOLD's many years of experience with stage technology, and Atendi's ETC knowledge, support and project expertise, make them perfect partners. This move will help ETC Rigging establish a strong foothold in Denmark, with the two companies delivering the very best solutions to the Danish market."

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