36th Bayerische Theatertage festival lit up by ETC

Date Posted: 7/19/2018

Licht an, Vorhang auf im Stadttheater Fürth

The renowned ‘Bayerische Theatertage’ festival in Germany has taken place every summer since 1983. The annual event was held in Fürth for the 36th time this year, hosting a variety of performances with 35 different theatre companies. Around 8,000 visitors attended the 18-day festival which was lit with a mixture of selected fixtures and consoles from ETC. 

During the event, there were 52 performances in the Bavarian theatres – including classics such as Kafka’s ‘The Castle’ and ‘Woyzeck’ – and for each show, a different lighting set-up was designed.  

ColorSource CYC im „Gewächshaus

Sebastian Carol, lighting designer of the Fürth city theatre, said “Every theatre wanted a well-balanced mix of LED fixtures, moving lights and conventional lighting solutions.” Having had several years of experience working with the Eos Ti and Gio lighting consoles, it was evident to Carol that ETC’s LED products should be chosen to illuminate the shows. 

In addition to the Eos Ti and Gio, other ETC products included: a ColorSource AV 40 console, various ColorSource PAR spotlights, ColorSource CYC lights, Source Four LED Lustr and Daylight lights as well as conventional Source Four spotlights. SolaWash 2000 and SolaFrame 750 from High End Systems were also selected for the festival.

“In terms of quality, ETC’s consoles and LED luminaires are the best on the market. The range of colour is particularly important and the LED colour mixing systems illuminated the theatre shows perfectly”, stated Carol. He recognised that the demand for LED lighting and its spectrum of shades is increasingly desired by every lighting designer.

ColorSource CYC

The quick turnaround of lighting set-up on stage during the festival showcased the quality and versatility of ETC’s products, allowing the stage designer to work quickly and easily. “There were no problems with the equipment and no need to contact the 24/7 technical support team as everything ran smoothly” confirmed Carol.

2 Photos © Thomas Langer