2014 ETC Masters trainings to be held in Belgium

Date Posted: 12/11/2013

ETC is set to hold its second annual Masters trainings in Belgium next year, with a focus on entertainment control systems.

ETC Masters is a series of training sessions developed for distributors and dealers in Europe, who get together three times a year to share their experiences and learn from ETC staff. ETC regional manager Tim Stokholm explains: "We work hard to ensure our customers get the best possible support from ETC. The most effective way of doing that is with a knowledgeable dealer and distributor network. By inviting so many of our colleagues together at once, not only can they learn from us, but they can also discuss solutions to some of their biggest challenges."

The Masters trainings also give dealers the opportunity to share with ETC the feedback they have received from their customers. The information is then shared with ETC's R&D and Marketing departments to help improve products and services.

The first ETC Masters series was hosted in 2013 by distributor Studiotec in Helsinki, Finland. It focused on Unison Paradigm® and Unison Mosaic®systems, looking not only at ETC-system-specific topics, but also at the powerful tools that Unison offers in terms of integration with third party-products. "Bringing together so many people from 12 different countries was no easy logistical exercise," says Stokholm. "But we received some fantastic feedback from the delegates. Customers are already benefitting and seeing some of the ideas we discussed being put into practice."