JTSE 2018

JTSE 2018
November 27, 2018 9:30 AM - November 28, 2018 6:30 PM Paris, France Dock de Paris, Porte de la Chapelle, 50 av. du President Wilson, 93200 La Plaine-Saint-Denis France LEARN MORE

This year, ETC will be exhibiting alongside High End Systems at the annual JTSE show in Paris, taking place at Porte de la Chapelle on November 27 & 28. ETC will be collaborating with distributor Avab Transtechnik France at the show, and this year, there will be an exciting announcement made exclusively at JTSE. Watch this space!

The stands will provide an overview of the product range including the newest fixtures, controls and moving lights. In Dock Eiffel, there will be in-depth product presentations by ETC and High End Systems in JTSE’s Black Boxes – an area dedicated to demonstrating lighting equipment in optimal conditions.

Among the innovations on display, there will be the newly launched Relevé Spot by ETC, EchoTouch, Eos Ti and Gio@5 as well as High End Systems’ SolaFrame 3000, SolaFrame 750 and Hog 4-18 to name a few.

Relevé Spot

The first member of a new product family for ETC – an automated fixture specifically for theatre. The fixture boasts a calibrated four-colour additive mixing system and a unique Ani-gobo wheel which is paired with a dynamic customisable five-position rotation gobo wheel to create textures like never before.


ETC’s EchoTouch offers compact, stylish and intuitive touchscreen control of lighting in architectural and smaller entertainment spaces. It can operate as a standalone controller giving direct control of DMX/RDM and sACN fixtures and devices, or be integrated into a larger Unison Echo control system. Users can locally program zones, presets, and sequences to control their devices.


High End Systems SolaFrame series features the most advanced and complete line of LED frame fixtures on the market. The SolaFrame 3000 is the newest flagship luminaire in the Sola Series range, boasting more than 37,000 lumen output and a 1000 watt Ultra-Brite White LED engine.

The SolaFrame 750 is the most compact framing fixture in High End System’s family of automated tools, featuring a 6-50 degree zoom, rotating gobo wheel and fully continuous animation.