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  • Mark Vassallo

  • Mark Vassallo

    Vice President of World Sales

    While at William Patterson University in the late 1970’s, ETC Vice President of World Sales Mark Vassallo pursued a theater tech major and dreamed of being a Broadway lighting designer. After lessons in lighting design at the Lester Polokov Studio, he thought otherwise, and took theater-electrician jobs at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and at the prestigious Joe Papps' Public Theatre. He then served as the production electrician at the acclaimed Julliard School theaters. After apprenticeships with legendary American-lighting salesman Sonny Sonnenfeld, Vassallo started up The Technolight agency in 1987.

    Later, ETC CEO Fred Foster hired Vassallo to run ETC’s New York City office and to be our Northeast Regional Sales Manager. In 1998, ETC appointed Vassallo Vice President of Sales to develop ETC brands and projects globally and to work with regional sales managers and international clients. During a corporate restructure, Vassallo served as President of ETC Americas before returning to Vice President of Sales.

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