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  • Julie Cymbalak

  • Julie Cymbalak

    Chief Operating Officer

    Julie Cymbalak earned a bachelor of science from BJU in 1987. In June 1991, she joined ETC, working as an accounting assistant and taking on the accounts payable and personnel functions of the company. In 1993, ETC was growing quickly, and the need to separate Accounting from the Personnel became apparent. Julie became the Personnel manager and built the HR department from the ground up to include recruiting, orientation, payroll, benefits, performance management, and health and safety. She also wrote the ETC Employee Manual and associated policies, procedures, and forms, as well as the ETC Manager Handbook and training programs.

    When ETC restructured the company in 1997, in her role as HR director, Cymbalak took on other duties outside of the HR department.

    In 1998, she was promoted to the position of Vice President of HR to oversee global HR functions, including ETC’s international offices. Over the next few years, her role expanded to include the Administrative Services, IT, Legal and Facilities departments, building and PIT projects, and international management training. In 2015, she moved into a newly-created position of Chief Operating Officer, which allowed her to have a greater focus on business operations, organization, and employee resources. As COO, she is responsible for operations management.

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