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  • Dennis Varian

  • Dennis Varian

    Vice President of Research and Development

    Dennis Varian is a third generation lighting professional, following both his father and grandfather into the industry. He grew up in Los Angeles, California around TV and film sets and fell in love with the industry early on. “My grandfather used to take me out of school so I could join him on set and watch them film movies like Charlie’s Angels,” recalls Varian.

    Varian studied Performing Arts Design and Technology at California Institute of the Arts and later worked with Lighting and Sound Design on productions including U2, Madonna, the MTV Video Music Awards, and Super Bowl halftime shows.

    Varian joined ETC in 1995 as a marketing product manager where he worked on a number of projects including ETC’s Unison architectural products. He helped pioneer early park-wide control systems for the Disney properties and other ETC customers.

    Dennis has been instrumental in development of ETC control products including the hardware for ETC’s Eos product line. Until accepting the role of Vice President of Research and Development in 2017, Dennis led the product strategy development process and managed a dedicated research team.

    Varian currently oversees all global research and development operations of ETC, High End Systems, Penko, and Echoflex.

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