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    Deze training wordt gegeven in het Nederlands

    Eos Advanced Training introduces the next stage in console training and skills development.
    This is a 2-day intensive training session that is aimed at improving your workflow, teaching new skills and helping you to become a faster, more proficient programmer.
    Set in a fast-paced environment, the session aims to simulate a real-world programming experience giving you the opportunity to test your current skills and develop new ones as you go. It builds on an expected basic knowledge of the Eos family, taking core skills and guiding you through applying them into daily programming practices.

    What is involved?

    You will be required to prepare a show file ahead of the training session. On the course you will be given a series of programming tasks to complete and an opportunity for review at the end of each task. Each attendee will work on their own console, which could be any member of the Eos family (Ion Xe, Gio, Gio@5, Eos Ti). You will be asked to swap consoles throughout the session in order for you to gain more experience on the entire family.

    Advanced Training - Day 1

    The aim of Day 1 is to simulate a conventional theatrical approach to programming styles and methods.
    By the end of the session the participants will be better able to:

    • Improve their show file preparation skills
    • Be more efficient in the setup of their console before starting programming
    • Be a more proficient programmer
    • Vastly improve workflow

    Advanced Training Day 2 - Intensives

    On Day 2 we take a deep-dive into the Effects engine of the Eos family of consoles. We will look at the different types of effects, building your effects library and programming and editing of existing effects.
    We also take a look at Augment3d - the 3D programming environment included with your Eos software. This course is aimed at helping you to build Augment3d into your workflow, rather than being a deep-dive into all of the features of this software.

    Course Requirements

    In order to attend the Advanced session, you will need to have already attended our Eos console training course, or be a confident Eos programmer. In your confirmation email, you will be sent an information package and will be expected to prepare and bring a show file that you will use in the sessions. Please note that there will be no time in the session to create your show file – you will have to have prepared it in advance. We will also not be covering any of the training topics covered in our standard Eos training course.

    All attendees receive a certificate of completion. Our classes fill up quickly, so sign up today!

    You must be 16 or older to attend a training course at ETC. If you are aged 16 or 17 and wish to attend, please email before booking onto the course.

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