Technical Support

  • Contact our Technical Support team to help you troubleshoot your ETC and High End Systems gear.

    A 15-minute response time: that's our service commitment, any time, any day. ETC's Technical Service is unparalleled in the industry. With over 60 service employees worldwide, not to mention our extensive Authorized Service Center network, we are uniquely positioned to be able to help you anywhere, anytime. Call on our years of expertise for help with any lighting situation. Our commitment is to make your day shine brighter. 

    Please review our Help Your Technician Help You Guide to ensure the most accurate and efficient service. 

    Contact ETC Technical Support


    (800)688-4116 in the US

    High End Systems Gear

    (800)890-8989 in the US

    Europe, Middle East & Africa

    (+44)(0)208 753 0984

    Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Eastern Europe & Russia

    (+49)8024 4700-0


    (+336)07 33 66 94


    (+852)2799 1220

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