Why ETC Rigging

  • Product Name
    Prodigy Compression Tube

    Rigging anywhere. The smart backbone of the Prodigy system absorbs and disperses lateral loads on building steel. Simply lift and snap into Mounting Brackets for lab-saving installation.

    Prodigy Mounting Brackets

    Smart 'snap-in' design for significant savings in installation time and labor.

    Prodigy Right Angle Cable Adjuster (RACA)

    Saves space, work, and time. Prodigy's RACA replaces turnbuckles to save up to 17" (430 mm) of batten travel and takes only seconds (not minutes) to adjust.

    Product Name
    Prodigy Cable Management System

    Smart and safer. Saves valuable space above the ceiling by retracting compactly and storing in only 30" (762 mm) of height.

    Prodigy Powerhead

    Lighter than other automated systems and 1/3 of the length. The Powerhead ships compactly with pre-assembled slide-out loft blocks and pre-strung cables for easy, time-saving installation.

    Product Name
    Every hoist tested under full load before leaving the factory

    ETC wants the user-experience to be the best possible - from the moment the system is turned on. Every Prodigy hoist is tested under full load before it leaves the factory. All electrical and electronic connections, lift-line integrity and terminations, limit-switch functions, operation switches, and other components are tested by ETC factory technicians. Each hoist receives final inspection by quality managers before the equipment is packaged and shipped. These tests and inspections assure the installer and the owner that they are in possession of equipment that is not only safe and reliable but which will do the job from the first moment of use. 

    Product Name
    Prodigy Progressive Hybrid Sloped Drum

    Drum design dramatically reduces the space needed for a motorized winch.
    Small drum size also means a streamlined Powerhead for the most compact and manageable rigging system on the market.