Alex Dimming

  • A compact dimmer with 6 x 5 kVA thyristor power modules

    With the Alex M 5 kVA dimmer, you get easy dimming of resistive, inductive and capacitive loads that can be controlled by a lighting console (DMX512 or a similar unit) or independently via control functions.  

    The rack-mountable Alex M 5 kVA is a single, compact dimmer pack. Many of its functions can be set using menus and allow for a wide range of applications. You can use the DMX512 or 0-10V analog for control. When the input signal is lost, you can choose to output the last cue, switch off the outputs or fade in an auxiliary group. All settings are stored in a non-volatile memory and can be changed at any time.  

    Product Features
    • 12 presets operated independently from the lighting console
    • Five control curves, including Non-dim
    • One chaser with adjustable hold and fadetimes and independent sequence selection
    • Individual 0-30% preheat setting for each channel
    • Output limit adjustable from 30-100% for each channel
    • Temperature-controlled forced cooling
    • Operating hours meter
    • Menu-controlled setting with buttons and encoder
    • Luminous display showing operating status and important settings
    • 1 x DMX-in; 1 x DMX-out; 1 x debug interface for connecting to a PC

  • AlexM 5 clip