Alex Dimming

  • Portable, convenient dimming

    For large-scale events or outdoor broadcasts, the compact, intelligent Alex Flightcase gives you dimmer-controlled lighting. You can alter the number and load ratings of the dimmer channels. The Alex M Flightcase is a dimmer rack for two-model, rack-mountable Alex M dimmer units.

    The Alex Flightcase is available in three variants:

    • 1 x power distributor, 2 x Alex M 12 x 2.5
    • 1 x power distributor, 2 x Alex M 6 x 5
    • 1 x power distributor, 1 x Alex M 12 x 2.5 and 1 x Alex M 6 x 5

    Product Features
    • 12 cues that can be called up separately from the lighting control system
    • Five control curves, including NonDIM
    • One chaser with adjustable hold and fadetimes and independent sequence selection
    • Individual 0-30% preheat setting for each channel
    • Output limit adjustable from 30-100% for each channel
    • Temperature-controlled ventilation
    • Operating hours meter
    • Many menu-controlled functions for a wide range of applications and simple operation
    • Control using DMX512 or analog (0 to 10V)
    • If the input signal is lost, you can either hold last look or switch off the output

  • AlexM Flightcase clip