DMX Emergency Bypass Controller

DMX Emergency Bypass Controller

Peace of mind for DMX-based control

Designers are taking advantage of modern luminaires and control languages like DMX to create dynamic, vibrant lighting for restaurants, retail centers, offices, and more. Traditionally, standalone battery-operated units would be used to meet emergency lighting requirements. But these “bug-eye” units often do not complement the overall aesthetic of a space. Instead, more and more designers are turning to dual-purpose, UL 924 Listed directly controlled emergency luminaires to provide emergency lighting in addition to illumination under normal power conditions.

In these systems, the loss of normal power can’t mean the loss of control signal. The DMX Emergency Bypass Controller ensures your directly controlled emergency luminaires using DMX512A get the signal they need to illuminate the way to safety.

During normal operation, the DMX Emergency Bypass Controller passes DMX signal from the controls system to the connected fixtures. When triggered by an external sensing device the DMX Emergency Bypass Controller sends a recorded DMX preset to one (DEBC-1) or six (DEBC-6) DMX outputs, providing instant egress light in the event of a power loss. Need more outputs? The DEBC can be used alongside the Response Opto-Splitter to distribute the DMX signal to even more DMX runs.

Both versions of the DMX Emergency Bypass Controller are CE compliant and UL 924 Listed as a control bypass device. The “panic input” is triggered via contact closure that accepts normally open or normally closed inputs, dry or wet, or a +12VDC signal. It can accept input from a fire alarm system or other detection system, like ETC’s Emergency Bypass Detection Kit.

The DMX Emergency Bypass Controller is an essential part of an emergency lighting system, but it is only a part. The DMX Emergency Bypass Controller sends DMX512A control signal to UL 924 Listed directly controlled emergency luminaires. A complete emergency plan must include a UL 1008 emergency power transfer system.

A power transfer system - such as an ETC Branch Circuit Emergency Lighting Transfer Switch (SC1008), Emergency Lighting Transfer System (ELTS2), or other UL 1008 Listed device - is responsible for actually transferring from normal to emergency power when there's a loss of utility power or other life-safety condition.

Product Features for both the 1- and 6-output controllers:

  • UL 924 Listed for use in emergency lighting systems
  • CE Compliant
  • Compatible with ESTA/ANSI E1.11 DMX512 protocol
  • Compatible with 100-277VAC/50-60Hz emergency power (hot, neutral and ground)
  • Configurable DMX-snapshot for custom 'panic look'
  • Variable panic-look release settings
  • Panic input can accommodate a maintained normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) dry or wet-contact or +12VDC signal

Six channel controller only:

  • Built-in UL 924 compliant 1-in-6-out opto-splitter